Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Manchurian Candidate

I watched the The Manchurian Candidate tonight. First I will address the political aspects of the film and point out why you should not watch the movie. Then I will point out the one reason you should rent the DVD and watch one extended scene.

Reason not to see the movie. It was a liberal pun on the 2004 election (look who is laughing now, Hollywood liberals), Denzel Washington could have shot a more people, and I personally thought Conspiracy Theory was a better paranoid thriller.

The director of "The Manchurian Candidate" was a dirty Hollywood liberal. They had a section of the DVD that was entitled outtakes. It was where the candidate's mom talked with political pundits (all of this in character), one of whom just happened to be Al Franken.

Then there was a section of the DVD entitled political pundits. It was three scenes of people two "political pundits" talking (six total), not one of them had more political credentials than I do.

Finally, the reason you have to watch rent this DVD and watch the "deleted\extended scenes" is because it looks like Denzel Washington's finger is broken in one scene. The scene is named "Marco's worried neighbor.

In the scene, denzel walks out of the school, the camera pans down, and you see Washington sitting in a car crying. Then he brings his hand up and BAAM!!! There is. Either his finger is broken or it is dislocated. My theory is that he dislocated it to make himself cry. That is a real man.


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