Sunday, January 09, 2005

Also from CNN

This article from CNN provides the other side way for fixing social security. It mentions raising tax 10 times.

"Critics of privatization argue that having money in personal accounts and investing it in the markets takes the "social" and the "security" out of Social Security. "

Wow, that is an stunning argument. Thye have convinced me, social security will never change as long as I am alive. I cannot let evil bush take the "social" and the "security" out of social security.

First off, I really do not like other people. Others like me are the ones paying for some of the people's welfare, medical care, the extra teachers that are needed to teach some people's kids because they are not doing their jobs as parents, paying the taxes which provides the infrastructure that allows them to work or not work as they see fit, and are paying the bulk of the taxes for defense.

Secondly, nothing is 100 percent. Security is an illusion that you create so that you can sleep at night. For a person who does not find any security in society, social security is an oxymoron.


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