Monday, January 24, 2005

Dean, Dean, Dean

I wrote a poem entitled: "Dean Against the Machine". It takes lines from this article and messes with them.

"Dean Against the Machine"

They quip, quote, and recite the democratic rote.
Then they "trapped Dean in a [caucus] crossfire in Iowa;"
"His caucus-night Scream sealed his fate."

That is actually all I have, but feel free to add a second verse if you wish.

Now to what this post is really about.

"For now, the front-running alternative is former congressman Martin Frost of Texas, a pro-labor moderate with a lifetime of traditional organizing .....He's followed by Simon Rosenberg, a young Washington-based fund-raiser and strategist who claims to be as digitized and Net-friendly as Dean—and yet more popular than Dean among the bloggers, who are emerging as new grass-roots powers in the party. Pro-lifer Tim Roemer is also running." (Emphasis mine)

I can't believe that he said that. If I was running for anything, I would not say I was "popular" among the bloggers (no offense intended). It is like saying that you got along with the math club in high school.

In my opinion, the dems need to drop the whole abortion thing. It is an obvious loser. When abortion came up in the debates, Bush said he wanted to lessen the number of abortions. That is the path most Americans believe in.

I would also drop the whole gay thing. It's time has not come.

I would then concentrate on trying to make everyone believe that socialism is the way to go. That is just my two cents.

If dean wins, things are going to get ugly. He can no easier hide his beliefs than a tiger can hide it's stripes. He may be giving out "warm fuzzies" right now, but when he wins he probably will be yelling a whole lot more.


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