Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Today in spite of the news....

...That today is the most depressing day of the year, i had the most amazing bout of nostalgia that i have ever had.

It was for the chicken fingers and gravy day that my High School used to have for lunch. I heard that they posted the menu on the internet so i went and checked it out.

Well the menu had not been updated since the guy who was handling it got arrested for embezzlement. I feel sorry for the school.

I almost went and applied for the vacant position. Living at home with the parents and pulling in about the same amount of cash that i am now. One reason i did not do it was because i knew that i would never leave that town if i went back, and there must have been a reason i left in the first place. Though three months off in the summer, and leaving work everyday by four is very tempting. The other reason why i did not apply for the job, is because i do not think i would have enjoyed the work.


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