Monday, January 03, 2005

I think Israel did it

Recently, I was listening to a recap of the top stories of 2004. It was covering all the stories I remembered and some I had forgotten about. One of the stories it covered was Israel killing off a few terrorist leaders in precision strikes, where only a few civilians died.

Then not three for four sentences later the newscast mentioned the death of Yasser Arafat, Allah rest his soul.

I know this sounds far fetched. I am sure it has been mentioned before, but I have not heard it mentioned in the mainstream, but I think Israel killed Arafat. I originally thought this, but did not see any indication to point in that direction, but I had forgotten about Israel bombing the terror leaders.

The killing of the terrorist leaders was just a precursor to removing Arafat. The killing of the terrorist leaders provided for several things. It provided a cleaner slate when a new person came in and took over Arafat's job, it made it easier to get a moderate person into Arafat's position by removing very loud voices, and it created a power vacuum in the higher levels of the terrorist groups. The last point has the effect of making their enemies fight each other instead of them.

The last step in their plan was to remove Arafat himself, of course the could not bomb him like the others. He got special treatment, so they poisoned him. Of course the fact that he is old, only helped cover their tracks.

The time was right for them to do this. America had took out a major funder to the terror groups in Israel (Iraq). The situation had reached the point where Israel is desperate to do something to create a peaceful situation. They are giving up land they rightfully conquered, if that is not desperation, I do not know what is. Finally, Arafat is old and no one would be surprised if he died.

While the last point might seem trivial, I think it is important to show the difference between how regular Americans view the world, and the Jews view it. America has been a country for 250 years, and the Jews have been a group of people since the time of Abraham. They can wait for one old man to get old, to create peace.



Gindy said...

Great call on that article. I laughed just reading the article about the Onion. I appreciate the link. Thanks.

Dave Justus said...

I won't say it is impossible that Israel assinated Arafat but I think it unlikely.

I am sure that the stepped up campaign to kill off terror leaders was linked in part to planning for Arafat's death, but he had been ill for a while, and was quite old, and you don't have to be planning to kill him to be expecting him to die soon. And, there were and are plenty of good reasons for killing the various terror leaders even if Arafat had ended up lingering for another year or two.

Cubicle said...

I cannot disagree, though the point that seals it in my mind is the war one terror and the platform we have given Isreal to kill terrorist leaders.

While they had reasons to preform each of the actions seperatly, when they are performed together in a corridinated plan, isearl will reap larger benfits.