Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Bias alert

I am sure you heard about the recent story about the marine who killed a woman who worked as a cashier at walmart. Gun watch has the updated rundown.

From what i remember, Johnny Lee Williams waited outside the walmart, and waited and watched for a person to attack. He even used the bathroom and was talked to by a security guard at walmart. I first read the story, and he was found in a hospital with the woman's truck outside. The woman was found in a ditch in Texas, and he was arrested in Arizona.

Well according to gun watch, ""So why was...[Johnny]...At the hospital? Because his next act was an attempted holdup of a gun-owner named Ritchie:[Ritchie] says, "I just drew and fired."

His one shot went thru 24-year-old Johnny Williams's shoulder and through the cinder block of the building."

I did not read this in the original article that i had read. It could have been this information was not known at the time of writing, or it could have been gun bias. You make your mind, i have made up mine.

Of course it was the Iraq war that turned our Marine bad.

"Williams, though, had been in trouble with the law before going to Iraq, including drug charges and a criminal trespassing charge. Despite that, his parents say violence was completely out of character for him. "


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