Friday, September 17, 2004

Conclusion of tell me what to do contest

Dave Justus I checked out print mug, and while getting a mug with the name of my blog on it sounds cool, I am using an alias to protect me from anything I might say in the future, might have said in the past, and am saying right now. Getting a mug with the name of my blog on it would kinda defeat the purpose of me using an alias. It is really tempting because they have some large mugs. Also, I an not necessarily that creative. In other words, I don't want to come up with any ideas on my own because I am a lazy bastard. I don't think you can order just one. The lowest quantity you can get is 36 and I am just looking for one mug. Though I will keep this place in mind, their quality sounds great.

Anonymous person who may or may not be Liberal Larry,

well size matters in this contest, sorry you lose. Though I think they will make great gifts to friends, and will consider that for Christmas presents.

Anonymous voted for the spider man mug.

Gib voted for the batman mug.

Another real life friend voted for batman.

And I also cast a vote for batman.

So I will place my order today at some point in time. Thanks for the help and the ideas.


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