Wednesday, September 01, 2004

What is the chance that you think France will keel?

"French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin has called his Cabinet into emergency session after a new video surfaced showing two kidnapped French journalists in Iraq appealing for the repeal of a ban on Muslim head scarves for girls in public schools."

Why would the cabinet be meeting if they were not thinking about overturning the law?



Dave Justus said...

Sadly, there is a good chance you are right here.

However, there is a chance that they are meeting simply to plan there next moves, especially how they will spin this to their people.

I personaly do not like the law in question, but I know that changing it in response to terror would be the worst thing the French can do.

Sadly, the French have done the worst thing on occasion.

Cubicle said...

i think that they realize that also, so i think you are right.

I am just trying my hand at spin...I might have worked.