Sunday, September 26, 2004

Lazy man's workout

Well I started my patented work out plan. I started it a couple weeks later than I wanted to, but it is not called a lazy man's workout for a reason.

Here is my revolutionary idea that will change the way America works out. I decided that when people work out that they are working too hard. I know this sounds strange, crazy, or even dangerous. I tend to think it is counter intuitive, like women. My theory is that for me to get on a plan that works for me I need to work out less. I do not mean putting less time in, i mean being able to move four days after working out. In the past when I have worked out would workout out every other day. Day one would be bi's and tri's, day two would be chest and back, day three would be shoulders and legs. To work out each of those muscles properly, you would have to spend a lot of time on workout days working out (like an hour and a half). The day after you would be tired, and on the third day you would be really sore. So I came up with a better way.

The plan

Only work out one muscle group a day. For example, today all I did was bi's. Then I rode the bike for 15 mins. My bi's are tired, but the rest of me feels fine. Essentially, the goal of this workout is not to work out to many muscle groups at once. In fact you should limit you work to once muscle group. Your goal should be to visit the gym at least every other day, if not every day. Also, do not expect to get big and cut on this plan, this plan is otherwise known as the "don't get fat before you are 30" plan. As far as the time frame you should actually see benefits. Since I have only been on the plan for one day I would say probably never. Though I think that you will not see any further depreciation of your best asset.


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