Wednesday, September 01, 2004


"When marchers approached the Garden, a police detective was knocked off his scooter. He was then repeatedly kicked and punched in the head by at least one male demonstrator, the police said.

The detective, William Sample, was listed in serious condition at St. Vincent's Manhattan Hospital, where Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly both visited him, the police said. There was no immediate word of an arrest in the assault, but as of 9 p.m., the police said there had been 11 protest-related arrests."

On the radio to work, I heard it was a crowd of people and that the police department had made many arrests (like 500). If it was one guy, I think the cop could have defended himself. Thirdly, if that one guy was in a crowd of people, the crowd could have stopped him.

Not all protesters would do something like this, but apparently this group did. This group of protesters willing attacked a man on a mini-scooter (notice the NYT did not use the term mini-scooter) and put him in serious condition. This man was not a common criminal, was not attacking people, in fact he was there protecting and serving the people of New York. This man was protecting and serving protesters, convention attendees, and just people walking around in New York. This man was doing his job. This man was willing to give his life, to save others. This group bloodied their knuckles on a New York Police Officer's face.

This story is just barley mentioned in the news I found, I wonder why?


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