Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Yoga booty ballet

I spent a long weekend traveling on I-40 through Arkansas and into east Oklahoma. The good news is that their is one small stretch of construction on I-40, the bad news is that they picked up all the orange cones and moved them to Oklahoma (a joke from the radio). The only interesting thing I saw, besides road kill, was a billboard for a Mexican restaurant: Gringo's was it name-o.

Secondly, I love daytime television. It is the worst in the word. Can you imagine what a commercial for yoga booty ballet would be like? I don't have to because it is seared -- seared in my memory. Thank goodness, I did not have my contacts in.

Thirdly, I love coming back to the apartment after being gone half a week, it always smells better when I have not lived in it for awhile.


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