Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I was scarred

But his worries were about how children would handle the dark events in the second installment of his Star Wars saga, including Han Solo being frozen in a block of carbonite and Darth Vader slashing off Luke Skywalker's hand, then revealing that he was Luke's father.

Before releasing the film, Lucas talked to psychologists about whether Vader's revelation might emotionally scar children, he reveals on the commentary for the new Empire Strikes Back DVD in the Star Wars Trilogy box set out today (suggested price is $70, but it's available for $45 or less).

I have been asking myself my entire life: Why wasn't my father a dark jedi? Why don't I have the force? Why can't I be cool like Luke? (Yes he kissed his sister, but that was an honest mistake, one that I am willing to forgive.)


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