Saturday, September 04, 2004

In response

David said...
"Our health care is better? People go North of the border to buy medication!"

David I applaud you asking questions, if you consistently ask questions you will see through the political rhetoric, to the center of the question. You will be a slave to neither political party and have important contributions to add to the political discourse of America. Where you fell short here was to keep asking questions and to answer you own questions. If you stop asking questions only when you have no more to ask, you will get to the bottom of the problem. If you always answer you own questions honestly, you will not rely on others to answer your questions, therefore you will not fall under their basis.

Things you did not ask.
Why are people going north of the border? The drugs are cheaper.
Why are the drugs cheaper? Price fixing by the Canadian government.
Do cheaper drugs mean better drugs? Possibly, but then again you do get what you pay for.
Who invented the drugs? America.
What other health care do people go to Canadian for? None that I can think of.

Also, I check out this earlier post that I wrote on the Canadian healthcare system.


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Dave Justus said...

Price fixing by the Canadian Government.

That is a kind way to put it. I would call it extortion of Drug Companies by the Canadian governement. Canada (and other nations) have said sell us the drugs at the price we want or we will not honor the patent you have and produce the drugs ourselves.

This puts all the R&D price on the American consumer.

Drug reimportation is not just a bad idea, it is immoral theft.