Monday, September 13, 2004

Movie Review


If you have not seen Heat, then you are missing out on a very special movie. Heat a movie in with both Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in it. I thought it was the first, but apparently they were in some God father movies together. The only complaint I have seen about this movie is that it is too long, but that was not something I even noticed. The person writing that comment must have had explosive diarrhea. In other words, this movie is so good that you will not know it is a long movie. Pacino and De Niro play a cop and a robber respectively. The are basically fighting it out the entire movie. It was great. The scene in the diner was great. It was great it did not turn into a gay lovefest. Really the only thing that this movie was missing was a car chase scene, Though the entire movie was really a chase sense, so I really don't know what more you could want. I have had movies I like better than this, but you cannot show those in theaters (wink wink)

Enjoyablity: 950
Quality: 944

Mystic River

My first problem with this film is the name, I watched it and kept expecting amphibious werewolves from the unseen mystic river to jump out and eat everyone. Alas, that did not happen. So the name of the movie does not fit the actual plot line at all, I can get over that.

Though I don't know if I can get over this. One of the things I always wait for in movies is the title line. The title line is the line in the movie in which the title of the file occurs. I thought this one would be real interesting, seeing how there is nothing mystic in the movie. Needless to say I was let down. The title line did not involve any amphibious werewolves at all.

The movie centers around three young friends whose lives are affected by tragedy then it fast forwards twenty or thirty years to when these young friends are grown up and have made lives separate from each other. Tragedy strikes again and the story picks up there. The movie is well paced, and it does not get bogged down in the plot. The characters are believable and very real. Mystic river has a solid cast of actors performing at their best. The only thing bad you could say about the movie is that it ended sadly (though not badly). If you like you movies to end happy, stay away from this one, otherwise put this one in the que to watch. It is a movie you will not forget.

Enjoyablity: 720 (so low because of the ending. It was sad.)
Quality: 920

Hollywood Homicide

I sometimes wonder why certain movies are made. This movie in particular was an interesting choice. It was a slightly better than average movie, but I bet it was not a huge box office hit. I am bet it has made it's money back, just based on the big names that were the stars of the movies. I do not, by any means, think this movie advanced the careers of Harrison Ford and Josh Hartnett, but I don't think it hurt them either. It did have one unforgettable scene, it was where Ford took a bicycle away from a girl to chase a bad guy. That scene was worth the entire movie, in my mind.

Ford and Hartnett play cops who have other side careers and get involved in a murder scandal involving, none other than, rap artists. It was an ok movie, but not one I would watch again. I would skip this film, in place of other films which could please just as many people, and offer a lot more quality

Enjoyablity: 550
Quality: 620



Gib said...

Hollywood Homicide was pretty bad. And I say that as someone with loads of respect for Harrison Ford. (Josh Hartnett, as talentless pretty boys go, ranks somewhere around Ben Affleck - but he's generally inoffensive.)

It was just stupid. For a rental, probably fine - but I saw it in theaters for $7.50 a pop.

Cubicle said...

hah haha, you got screwed by harrision ford.

I seldom go seem moives in the theather, and i only watch them alone, which is how i drink.