Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Atrios links to another picture here.

The article asks which document is typed in Microsoft word and which one is typed using a the only typewriter at the time that would have had to produced the CBS bush memo's.

I would post the picture here, but I cannot post pictures. Take a look at the link and the pictures, the answer is at the bottom of the page. When you get back we will discuss.

Ok, ready? I choose the one of the right as being typed. It was easy for me, I scanned the lines looking comparing the letters. What stopped me where the quotes around "Selectric". They seemed different in the documents, one seemed to have the modern curve and the other seemed straight.

Once I stepped back and too a look at the entire picture, it was fairly simple which one was the typed one. Just take a look at the last line and how it gets darker near the end, typewriters do that because they suck, laser printers do not.

Also, they just used sucky pictures in this article, I think if they would have scanned the entire pictures then posted a place readers could download the pictures at a better quality, you would see a huge difference.

So essentially the people posed a challenge. Which is the fake? I picked the fake out quickly.

Their point is?


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