Friday, September 17, 2004

CNN Quickvote

Should medics be allowed to refuse procedures on moral or religious grounds?
Yes 20% 15814 votes
No 80% 61791 votes

The phrase the question as "procedures", almost implying that these procedures are life saving in some manner. We all know they are talking about abortion. I would love to see the poll where it asked, "Should doctors be allowed to skip the abortion training in school and legally refuse to perform abortions professionally, based on moral or religious grounds?"

I wonder what the poll would look like then?

I stand firmly on the side of general doctors should not have to learn how to do this. If you specialty is going to be giving birth to children, you should learn how to do to just in case you have to do it to save the mother, but you should be allowed to refuse to do it outside of saving the mother's life.


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