Thursday, September 09, 2004

If you had to choose...

...Between a guy that was AWOL in the national gaurd or a guy who lied about his activities in order to get medals for a job, which person would you choose?

The link above is about new records that AP got from the pentagon.



Kokopelli said...

Given that choice, I'd consider moving. Fortunately, that ain't the choice before us. The Swifties' claims have been soundly disproven. However, I would be somewhat disappointed if it turns out that Bush's unauthorized vacations from the Guard and the subsequent cover-up proved to be his undoing. That'd be just so anti-climatic. Still, I think I could get over it in time.

Cubicle said...

i thought that at least one of thir claims had landed true.

and another one of their claims had possibly been admited by the kerry campaing.

I have not looked into it.

Also, i know for a fact that an investigation has been started into kerry's metals by the navy.

he won how many medals in what span of time?

about a medal a week, it seems to me