Wednesday, September 01, 2004

I wish...

I had come up with this idea.

Flypaper - July 5, 2003

They notice that the U.S. forces in Iraq have become a new magnet for regional terrorist activity. They assume this demonstrates the foolishness of President Bush's decision to invade.

It more likely demonstrates the opposite. While engaged in the very difficult business of building a democracy in Iraq -- the first democracy, should it succeed, in the entire history of the Arabs -- President Bush has also, quite consciously to my information, created a new playground for the enemy, away from Israel, and even farther away from the United States itself. By the very act of proving this lower ground, he drains terrorist resources from other swamps.

Oh wait I did - Friday, October 17, 2003

The entire strategy behind the war in Iraq is to concentrate the enemy, so that they can be dealt with. I thought this was obvious, but Ms. Albright thinks it is a bad thing that they are going to kill Americans in Iraq. She apparently missed the real strategy behind the war. I bet she sucks at checkers, also.

This just goes to show you several things. One, you need to get you ideas out their early. Two, the name can make or break an idea. I did not give my theory a name and therefore lost credit. Even if I had given my theory a name, such as "Game Theory of militants", I still would have not gotten any credit, because the other's guys name was so good.

I now revise my earlier statement, the entire goal of going into Iraq was not to start the flypaper going. Their were some other reasons also, I will get to those later.


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