Wednesday, September 15, 2004

My turn to harness the power of the Bloggers

I don't remember if I mentioned these two facts. The office is rationing coffee in order to save cost. They went to a complete unrestricted coffee stream to a system, where you have access to it. To a system where they put out as much as you want, but you don't have access to it. I don't drink coffee so it does not affect me. If you for some reason want to know more about this, just tell me and I will post the emails, they are quite funny.

Secondly, I tend to find it enjoyable annoying people. I also tend to do it in a passive aggressive way.

So I came up with this idea. I am going to get the biggest coffee mug that I can and drink as much coffee as I can to suck up the avaible supply.

I decided that I needed a mugs, and I need some help on deciding on one. I went to, and they as some cool ones. I have finally narrowed it down to three.

Spider-Man Personalized Ceramic Mug

15 oz and it can have these phrases printed on it with my name.
  • happy Birthday"
  • "With great power comes great responsibility"
  • "You make my spider senses tingle"
  • "It's web slinging time"

I like the idea of a personalized mug, it is better than peeing on everything you own then smelling it. It is large and in charge, but it looks dumb as hell.

Batman Mug

14 oz and it has just the Batman symbol, what more do you have to say. Though it is one oz smaller. Over 15 mugs this could make an entire trip difference. Over an entire month, it could make two trips difference. Over an entire year, I think my work will suffer.

Superman Mug

14 oz and it has the Superman symbol plus the catch phrase we can all repeat in our sleep. This too is one oz smaller and has the same problem as the Batman mug.

Problems with the personalized one, is that it is white and will stain if I don't clean it out and I won't. It also looks dumb. Problems with the Superman mug, it is not as cool as the batman mug. Problems with the batman mug it is not as large as the spider man mug.

Post you comments, place you vote, and I will buy the one most voted for. Tell you friends.



Dave Justus said... has up to 20 oz mugs that you can have custom decals put on. They probably won't let you use a trademarked character, but you could have them make a Sandcastles and Cubicles mug.

Anonymous said...

I would recommend a "Bush Put Arsenic in My Coffee" mug from Liberal Larry's Fair Trade Gift Shop. It's cheap, it's cool, and it smells like urine when you pee on it.

Anonymous person who may or may not be Liberal Larry

Anonymous said...

If you get the Spider-Man mug it should definitely say, "It's web-slinging time. That is what you're doing, right?

Gib said...

Actually, the Liberal Larry one sounds funny. (If he posted that, I want a cut.)

Between the three you mentioned - Batman.