Friday, September 03, 2004


What went wrong, you might ask? From the beginning, the case was more about a celebrity on trial than a woman accusing someone of raping her. It was more about digging up her past indiscretions, and a daily dose of character assassination designed to cloud the truth, to prevent her from ever being able to present her case to a jury.

Her past, eh...Like who she had sex with the day before and the day after. I would say those facts should not be splashed on the news, but the juries need that information.

"From the moment that Bryant defense lawyer Pamela Mackey violated every semblance of
judicial decorum by announcing six times the alleged victim's name during an initial court hearing, the game was on."

Don't forget that they name was leaked on the web before that, it was in some legal papers that made it to the net. The writer does mention that later on, but I am fairly sure that the leak on the web happened before the lawyer said the name. It is a lawyer, they know what they can get away with and what they can't get away with. Purposely outing a victim would probably get them disbarred.

Though the writer is right about some things, he paints everyone as the devil except the victim. There is more than enough information for a person to have doubts about the victim also.

"While the judge, the lawyers, and the court system must take most of the responsibility for this travesty of justice, "

I do agree with him here. I personally think the court system failed the victim, mainly through the one mistake it made of releasing the victims name, the rest was just lawyers acting on behalf of their clients. Secondly, the system was was never ready for what was coming, the judge did not realize who Braynt was. They charged an internationally recognized star with rape and did not know it until it got into the papers.

I can take solace in the fact that if Bryant did it, he stands a good chance of burning in hell. I hope that young girl is able to recover from this mess, and that I don't read any news about her committing suicide.


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