Sunday, September 05, 2004

Two things

Not in any american sites i could see as of sat. eventhough i frist heard of this on thrusday.

Pentagon to check Kerry war record

and this horrible suggestion...

I am distressed by the effectiveness of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth ads. It is causing me to lose faith in our democracy. Something must be done.

My suggestion may seem radical, but sometimes big problems require big changes. We should set up a special court of federal judges to determine the merit of accusations against any candidate running for national office before these charges can be leveled in television, print, or radio ads. Laws do not protect candidates from libel -- especially when the candidate is running for president. The prize is too great and the consequences too small.


Anonymous said...

Who said that? Or should I already know?

Cubicle said...

it was a letter that someone wrote into the paper.

I was just an idea, by a person who should get an blog.

Though the paper did decide to publish that suggestion.