Monday, September 13, 2004


The fact of the matter is, the last time America was attacked by surprise: we entered into a world war, finished that world war, invented the nuclear bomb, used that said bomb, and killed a few million people in the process.

we have gone easy on the world, and they should thank us for it.



Anonymous said...

The world should thank you??! HA, i laugh at your ignoranse. Perhaps you should be thanking the rest of the world that has been kind enough to loan you all the money you have been needing to keep up your "police of the world"-role? USA should really be bankrupt, and you should know that. Just my two cents... :)

Cubicle said...

actually american controlled half the worlds wealth at the end of WW2 and in the 1980's America wasresponsible for one fifth of global GDP in 1980.

Where did all of it go?
We gave it back to the world under such plans as the marshall plan and was spent on building up america's miltary (which stopped and ended on the communist advance)

The world tanks us on two counts, there.

But since then we have rightly earned our money, we produced one third of global GDP in 2003.

""police of the world"-role"

I agree that america should not be the police man of the world, it is the UN's job. Which the UN happens to really suck at that, so america has taken over that role for a little while, breaking up regional pecies to be handled regionally outside of the grasp of the UN.

also, the world should thanks us for inventing electircy, the assembly line, heart surgery, the internet, telephone, lightbulb, the computer you are using, Sugar Evaporation System, and the list goes on and on and on.

also next time take the time to use you name, i promise we won't call you names, just point out the wrongness of your ideas.

Brian said...

A further thought on this "bankruptcy" issue:

Anon, the US national debt is the cornerstone of the world economy. Most of it is owed (get this) to the American public, not to foreign governments. People, and governments, don't loan the US money out of good will or something; they invest in US debt (in the form of T-bills) out of enlightened self interest.

US debt is, quite simply, the safe place to put money. In all these years, the US has never defaulted on so much as a single payment to any of its creditors. For that reason, the US national debt has become the world's bank: a foolproof place to put capital, with a modest yield but absolutely no risk. Without such a massive, no-risk investment opportunity, the world's economy would collapse.
Put another way: if the US paid off our debts tomorrow, everyone would have cash and noone would have anywhere safe to put it. That's a very bad state to be in.

Try to learn something about economics before you crack off, Anon. "Bankrupt," indeed.