Sunday, September 12, 2004

Spending money

If I remember correctly, I have never mentioned this before. I am in a bowling league that plays on Tuesday night. As of last season my average was around 143, this season I started off great, which set my average high. My average was 157 last week, though I did not do as well this last week.

On the surface bowling is a simple game, you through the ball down the lane and knock over the pins. Once you get more involved, you learn that they place oil on the lanes to protect the lanes. Also, different patterns of oil are used to provide a challenge to professional bowlers. Bowling balls have different covers which react differently to the oil and they have weights in the ball to help the path of the ball curve as it goes down the lane. The reason the ball curves is because their is a "pocket" to hit the pins in. If you hit the pins in the right place every time, you will be an excellent bowler.

The past year I have bowled with a "lane" ball. Which means I do not really fit in that well on league night. I am making the plunge this weekend and buying my very own ball. I chose the Brunswick Monster Bruiser. Since I am fairly new to bowling, though I am no means a beginner, I choose to not go with the entry level ball, but I did not get most expensive ball either. I based by decision on brand name and this chart. As you can see the Bruiser straddles the lines between the medium and oily lane conditions and is about in the middle of the grouping of the balls they offer for arc and hook potential.

Also, I am catching up on some of my favorite music artist Eddie Glenn. I have bought his latest album Hick Hop. I hold high hopes for this album.


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