Friday, July 09, 2004

Eddie Glenn part 2

Eddie Glenn got back to me right when i expected it. Here is his email. He included updated buy info if you are intrested.

Glad to hear you enjoyed the CD, and thanks for posting the lyrics.
You can get Hick-Hop (released last year) at
For more Un-PCs, you can send $10 (that includes postage) to P.O. Box 1999, Tahlequah OK, 74465.
Un-PC is so un-PC it doesn't have a barcode, so it's kinda hard to market on the Internet.
I'm actually going into the studio this evening to record an EP, led off by a song called "Mr. President Pull My Finger," which I'll
also be selling for $10. It's an anti-war, anti-Bush tune, that I've got to get out before Nov., when (hopefully) the song will be outdated.

Take care,

Eddie Glenn

Better watch out for the FEC and the secret service Eddie. No really, i am not kidding about that.

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Anonymous said...

The SS and other assorted Feds can wait around for a few years; I'll probably end up writing a tune about Kerry (if he wins) too.
I'm an equal opportunity satirist.

Eddie Glenn

Cubicle said...
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Cubicle said...

Thanks for stopping by but i feel honor bound to mention the fact that by posting a comment on this site you will not affect your record sales at all. This site does not have any readers so far as i can tell at the moment.

thanks again

Anonymous said...

If I were in it for the money, I couldn't afford the computer I'm typing on right now.
Or even the keyboard.

Eddie Glenn

Cubicle said...

acutally, you could use the public libary system.

heh heh :)

Anonymous said...

I would like to take credit for introudcing the satirical genius (Eddie Glenn) to the illustrous author of this blog (Cube). And think my friend Gregg for giving my UN-PC for Christmas one year in college. Hey Eddie, I'm glad to know you moved from the Iguana Cafe to a real studio.

Anonymous said...

That was stewardess, by the way.