Thursday, July 01, 2004

The troop recall

Total number of troops, well:
140,000 in Iraq
20,000 in Afghanistan
30,000 in south Korea

We have called up 5,600 troops that thought they were out of the military for good.

One, this does not violate the spirit of an all voluntary force. These people did at one time volunteer, and they also signed a contract allowing them to be called up a certain amount of time after they were discharged. Sorta like a person joining to pay for college and ending up fighting a war. They signed the contract, and it is legally binding.

Two, this represents about 2.8 percent of the total troops (less if you don't use my figures) which would you rather have that 2.8 percent sitting around doing nothing until the military needs them or would you rather the military call them up when and only they need them. That is called using resources wisely and saving tax payers money.

""No, I don't think the Army's too small. We're using a manpower pool that's available to us. This is good personnel management," Smiley said"
Note: I wrote this post before I read the article.

Even more gains could be made if we stopped protecting countries that can protect their selves (South Korea).


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