Friday, July 02, 2004

Pop quiz

Guess who said this quote:
"The real criminal is Bush"

Was it Al Gore or was it Saddam?

If you guessed Saddam, you were correct.

Here are the options for Hussein.

Either he is crazy or absolutely brilliant.

In his trial he made some good points, but he seemed a little off from what I have read.

Of course I can imagine, that he thought most of the stuff they were saying to him in jail was just false (things like their is a new government in Iraq, etc). Of course his legal counsel should tell him to be quiet so that they can handle the trial.

In general I am afraid for the Iraqis, in the past they have just bought off the French, now they have to deal with their lawyers. They might just end up killing the French guy before the trial is over.

Secondly, the Iraqis doing the trial may not have much experience with a free justice system. Here the lawyers can say and do what they need to help their client (misdirect, launch smear tactics, etc.). We in America have learned to ignore lawyers long ago, but I am not so sure that the Iraqi know that.

I wish them luck. Though in the end it won't matter, someone will gun Saddam down one day if he does get off. The only way Saddam will die peacefully is if he gets put in jail. I can see only violent ends in his future otherwise.


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