Thursday, July 08, 2004

Eddie Glenn

"I've got my whisky.
I've got my gun.
I've the day off of work from the factory.
I've got a sawed off barrel of fun.
I've got some theories you need to hear.
You see that car parked across the street.
No don't look now you have got to be discreet.
But behind the wheel there sits the guy
Who follow me to all the guns shows
and keeps a list of all the weapons I buy."

Part of whisky/gun by Eddie Glenn from UN-PC (partly because it was made on a Mac and secondly for this reason).

Glenn’s first album, "Un-PC," was a collection of purposefully offensive satirical songs along the line of "Talking Arab Blues." The album features songs from the point of view of a conspiracy theorist with a gun and a conservative advocating forced genocide on the elderly. Glenn recorded the album because he felt like everything has gotten too politically correct.

The eclectic folk singer, Eddie Glenn, is starting to be known as one of the most interesting songwriters in northeastern Oklahoma.

You are kidding me, there is more than one of those in northeastern OK.

Anyways, here is the point. I love this singer/songwriter. So I am going to do a post, for my extremely large congregation.

I will do the leg work and find out if this contact info is still correct. If it is I will update this post and tell you that it is. So you can get you own copy of this wonderful CD. Also all correspondence with Eddie will be posted.

Eddie Glenn’s CD is available from Eddie Glenn Records, P.O. Box 1999, Tahlequah, OK 74465, for more information, e-mail


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I think if a couple of women from network54 start reading AW's posts, they'll send the men in white coats down to Watauga. I also think we've always treated you both fairly. I believe I even offered JohnC a free membership when we started charging, just to balance out the pro-smith people that seem to dominate here. And Heidi even deleted posts about AW's rape conviction and stuff, posted by one of our pro-Smithys for his protection. and here's her thanks.

You're kind of quirky John, ... but AW has real problems. Maybe he thinks its funny, giggling to himself as he types his trash, but, for the general public, he's a detriment to the forums. Not always though. And sometimes I find myself agreeing with him on things. It's just his language and delivery I have a problem with. And if he won't do something about it, you might start looking for a new server.