Thursday, July 15, 2004

Movie Reviews

I have another amazingly stimulating pair of movies reviews.

I know you may ask yourself why I do movie reviews in pairs, some of the best things in life come in pairs. I am just following mother nature's lead.

Well lets dive in to another set.

Out of time
Well I must confess that I meant to pick of this movie: Man on Fire

I am sure that anyone could understand the mistake, the same actor with very similar poses on the cover of the movies. I suspect that I was screwed, not because out of time was a bad movie but because I expected to get Man on Fire and I did not get Man on Fire.
Pros for out of time, the story is solid and their are some fairly tense scenes. Their are some hot women also. The movie had Dean Cain in it which I kept getting confused with Slater from saved by the bell. Though at the end when I read the credits, I realized my mistake. Dean Cain did a good job. The movie was a solid watch, but it was not anything that you should go out of you way to see. I place this in the category of: I-need-a-movie-a-large-group-will-be-happy-with-but-has-not-seen.

One a scale of 0 to 999


In driven Joe Tanto (played by Sylvester Stallone) plays Jimmy Bly's (played by Kip Pardue), Carl Henry's (played by Burt Reynolds), Beau Brandenburg's (played by Til Schweiger) spiritual guru, marriage counselor, and coach. Joe (played by Sylvester stallone) touches on such topics as morality, personal drive, youthful indiscretion, and faith. The movie in general is weak, though I thought that it would be bad. So for not being bad, it gets a higher rating. The acting is weak, the action scences are not all that.

The good point about the movie is a lot of the live action shoots look amazing, that is because those shots where filmed on location just before or during the race. The movie was made by a guy who loved open wheel racing, and that I can respect. He was doing it for the money and for his love of open wheel racing. Overall, I would say that you could skip this movie and you will be alright. Though if you are looking for an racing movie and you have seen the rest, this will be enjoyable and your only option.

One a scale of 0 to 999



Anonymous said...

Just curious about which things in life come in pairs.

Cubicle said...

eyes, ears, hands, feet, DNA pairs. you know the basic stuff