Friday, July 30, 2004

Kerry's speech live

"reporting for duty"
good move, make you look ready.

"born in the west wing"
bad move makes it look like you have already won.  Americans don't like snobs.

update: he touched on enviormental issues, and woman power.

Update: he has been grounded and has made it out of highshool. 

He will restore trust ? how?

he was a lawyer? voted for a balanced budget

update: He won't lie, will not conduct secrect meetings (that is a load of crap).

will appoint an atoney general who likes the american consitution.  I though he might appoint a russian

update: they don't like the outsourcing issue.  Can we ship their jobs overseas? 

update: he just accepted the noimnation on behalf of everyone execpt rich people. 

update: ask treasa if she will come on stage and make out with him.

update: she does it, crowd goes wild.  It is a home run folks, it is outta here!!!

update: used the band of brothers referecne, now that was the best war serist that i have ever seen.

update:for paficts they sure talk about fighting a lot.  He mentions dean, clack, sharpton.

update: 3 years later and we are still talking about 9-11, amazing.

now he used 9-11 in his speech, i don't see how that is any different than bush using it in is commericials. 

update: wmds, the mission accomplished is mentions (yea bush screwed up on that one)

update: don't go to war unless we have to....hmmm.

update: he was in vietnam for four months.  but he makes it seem like years.

update: takes a shot at bush exit policy (what exit policy you ask, bush did not have one and we never planned on leaving.  Check out North korea)

update:US can can't go alone. we aren't

update: did he just say he would increase miltary spending?? yea i doubt that.  I thik he is going for the armed forces vote. 

 update: he is aginst nukes.  he wanst a strong miltary and strong alliances.

dube this is dumb i am stopping know.


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