Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Wow can this be anymore biased

They are practically having an orgasm over Edwards.

From there, Edwards' trajectory never wavered: the standout law student became a stunningly successful lawyer, then vaulted from nowhere politically into the U.S. Senate and now onto a national presidential ticket, less than six years after his first election to anything.


Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, describes her husband as "persistently optimistic."


Despite his good looks and easy smile, Edwards has known suffering. He and his wife lost their teenage son, Wade, in 1996 when high winds swept his Jeep off a North Carolina highway.

His track record is amazing, you have to concede that.

He is older than I thought that he was. I still can't believe that he did not win the primaries, but oh well.

So the real question was, should bush have dumped his veep for this guy?

Heh Heh.


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Rob said...

Don't forget - he's Kennedy-esque!

I've noticed that McCain is no longer the media darling. The love affair is over and he's been tossed to the curb like a two-dollar whore.