Wednesday, July 28, 2004

10 truths about trade

Trade truths

In addition, check this out.

In the latest UN Human Development Indicators, it appears that many countries in Europe fall behind the US.

HMMM...I wonder if they two are connected.

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moss said...

The whole idea of a Human Development Index is a crock of sh*t. How can the UN say they have a formula that quanitifies quality of life in a way that allows them to compare countries? It's like the BCS applied on a global scale. Of course I have little respect for the UN, so maybe that's where my resentment is angst is coming from.

Cubicle said...

there are certian things that are measurable (subject to the availablity of the actually data)

life span
the avearge per captia GDP
average spend in education
average literacy
average years of education
crime rates

I have not looked into the Human development idicators, but a friend of mine did suggest this site a long time ago which combined many of those numbers plus a amount of free time index.

Though boiling down the develpment of a country to one number seems a bit suspect, then again anything that show us beating france and Germany i am all for.

Cubicle said...

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moss said...


Cubicle said...

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