Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Designed largely in the first half of the 20th century, antitrust laws still need to find their way in the digital age. Applying the brakes to innovation and inconveniencing consumers is hardly a step in the right direction.

Increasing innovation is the way to go, and their is one way to do that. Increase competition.

Creating a hodgepodge of complex and sometimes conflicting regulatory schemes also poses enormous problems.

If regulations need to be put into place, they need to be simple, clear, and not disturb the selling of goods nation or even world wide. For example, gas in certain parts of the US cannot be sold because it does not meet the strict guide lines of that particular area.

As globalization continues to expand, policy makers at all levels of government -- state, federal and international -- need to explore new ways to find unified solutions when it comes to regulating businesses and industries.

Or you should break up large companies into smaller parts which will allow them to adjust quicker to smaller markets.

Microsoft should have been broken into two small companies a long time ago. When one company controls that much of a market, you need to introduce more competition. I am not against companies making a buck, I just support competition over profit.


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