Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Keep good jobs and export the bad ones

"George Bush will fight like hell to keep his own job, but he won't lift a finger to help Americans keep theirs," Kerry said by satellite to a meeting of AFL-CIO leaders in Florida. "George Bush thinks exporting our jobs is good economic policy. I believe we need to create and keep good jobs here and export goods."

Kerry has it all wrong about the protections polices, let the jobs go.  It is tough, but it is not going to help if you fight the change.  It will be like a menopausal woman taking HRT, you just get cancer.
Though bush needs to make china face market realities, and help china into the 21st century.  If we can get China's economy going, we can help out 1/6 the of the worlds population.  And that ain't bad.
Of course in France they are trying to keep relatively low skilled labor in their country, now that is a bad idea.  They should let the company leave and take it's boring jobs with them.  Of course they would need a highly skilled work force to do the new jobs that come in, which they would not have.

If they are competing with the eastern European countries, they are either going to lose,they have going to have to bring them into the EU and make their wages as high as theirs are, drop their wages to a comparable level to compete, or increase productivity to a comparable level.