Friday, July 09, 2004

Australia Joins Controversial US Missile Plan

Oh no we can't continue forward with this horrible idea of a missile defense shield. At the end of the article we will learn why.

Opposition politicians in Australia believe the development of a defensive shield could have a destabilizing effect on the country's Asia-Pacific neighbors and could spark an arms race with China.

Dang all of the worlds biggest capitalist counties will be involved in an arms race against a communist country. Gee I wonder if we will win. Been there done that.

"Australia joins a long list of countries, including South Korea, Japan, Britain, and Israel, which are working with the United States on its missile shield."

Man if the Japs and the Aussies are on our side who can stand against us. I am entirely serious about that. Their a few counties that scare me because of their drive and overall toughness. Germany, Japan, China are in that list. Australia would be they only have 20 million people, though they can work on very important small parts of the missile defense shield.


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