Thursday, July 15, 2004

Do you ever long...

For the days before DNA testing and when the guy was always right?

I don't but sometimes you realize that the pendulum has swung to far the other way.

In an article entitled "Injustice by Default: How the effort to catch 'deadbeat dads' ruins innocent men's lives," journalist Matt Welch asked California DCSS Assistant Director Leora Gerhenzon what would happen if a woman had named "Matt Welch" a white guy between 30 and 40 years old, who maybe lives in the Los Angeles area, as the father of her child.

Gerhenzon answered, "We run our search on him; if we come back with one Matt Welch who lives in L.A., whose birthday fits that 10-year range, and we have nobody else, we presume in general we have the person."

If we looked for terrorist the same way CA looks for dead beat dads, then would not have any problem with Islamic fundamentalist in America?


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