Monday, July 12, 2004

Slowly but surely

Is it America's responsibility to bring freedom to parts of the world that are unable to do it their selves? The UN has cannot be a policeman of the world. It was deigned to prevent widespread war, not wage war in freedom's name. The Un concerns itself with incurable diseases instead of spreading freedom. We sorely need for every single state to be protected.

The first Gulf war was an example of the world pulling together to stem the growth of a dictator, but it is also an example of the world's weakness, love of the status quo, and unwillingness to fight for the freedom of others. Slowly but surly we will build a group of democratic countries that realize value of freedom. Additionally, these countries will also be rich because if they follow the south Korean model. Eventually if we do it right, the counties we save will be wealthy and on our side.


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