Friday, July 09, 2004

Movie Reviews

SpiderMan 2

It is better than the first, though I don't know if it has taken the crown of best comic book move ever. I think the first batman still has that crown. Spiderman failed and succeeded in several areas. Spider Man two succeeded when it did not try to recreate a world where the characters took their selves to seriously to have fun. This is a necessary part of Spider Man, because one of the hallmark traits of spider man is his quick wit while he has on the suit. Their were some decidedly humorous parts of the movie, which got some real laughs from the crowds. The movie at times had to come through with some solid solemn acting; it succeeded in some cases (the end), and failed in others (Peter on MJ's answering machine).

Another aspect in which spiderman failed was some basic superhero rules. Only your girlfriend knows you secret identity and never let you mortal enemies find out your true identity. In the spiderman movie two mortal enemies of spiderman found out who he actually is. Not one, but two?!?!?

Secondly, another aspect that I found disturbing was the fact that Spiderman asked Doc oct how to stop the fusion ball that was about to destroy New York City. Another one of Spiderman's calling cards is the fact he was always smarter than the villains he fought. While they might be stronger,faster, or have more arms, spiderman was always able to outwit them given enough time. The true comic version of spider man would have figured out how to disable doc oct. Then while he was trying to figure out the fusion ball problem, doc oct would have slipped away, and Spiderman would have had to figure it out for himself.

thirdly, Spiderman moved around like a power ranger. Though I guess their is really no other way to do it.

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Escape form New York

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It had Kirk Russell not Kirk Douglas in it. I am glad I know the difference now. This movie was definitely one that was worth picking up. It is nice to see other people's version of the future. Though I found the premise of the movie illogical. They turned New York City in to a prison. Can you imagine the cost to tax payers who had to buy the land? This movie was good, but then again it was also made in the early 80's. Man how did we ever watch movies without CGI. Snakes custom was cool, though he really did not move around like a military person. He was just walking around in plain view with a gun and a radio. He was a prime target for a sniper shot. The movie also made criminals look like dumb butts, though they were all the ones who got caught. Just based on historical value, I would say this movie is a must see.

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Gib said...

As far as the secret ID thing, in the comics, Harry Osborn has known Spidey's ID for decades. He keeps the secret because his hate is just for Peter, and he doesn't want to bring unnecessary suffering to MJ, or Aunt May, or any of Spidey's other friends. (Other than the pain they would feel when he kills Peter, but hey, he's a nutball. You want logic?)

As for Doc Ock, it seems to be a movie staple that the villain learns the hero's ID right before he bites it. If they must kill Ock off, it's OK.

Cubicle said...

Yea i can see one guy finding out about spidermans idenity. But not two.

I think they should have had spiderman save his self from harry before he found out his identity (though he might have left a scratch on his face that he would have noticed later), and just have doc oct find out his idenity.

They could have saved the revealing of the other identity for spiderman 3