Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I don't have a problem if they are legit

An in-depth investigation by the NEW YORK TIMES has found that a number of financial services companies are using questionable tactics on military bases to sell insurance and investments of doubtful suitability to the people in uniform who buy them!
If they were not using questionable tactics, and not selling bad investments I would support them.  Lord knows that the twenty year old who is getting everything paid for needs to do something constructive with his money, like save it for retirement.  Since the average military kid probably does not have much experience with money they could use this chance to learn a little bit about their cash and what it can do if it does not go to liquor.  Of course their inexperience makes them prime targets for scams.
The offends should be thrown in the desert and shot by the people who are protecting their country.

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