Wednesday, July 07, 2004

I just wanted to compare notes.

I signed up for kerry's newsletter telling the world that Kerry would pick as VP.

first off it would not let me sign up unless I click that I would give up my first born in the process. It was in the fine print in the terms and conditions.

Secondly this is the email that I got.

Hello Cube,

Thank you for your interest. I am a moron and therefore have chosen Edwards as my running mate, because I know he can upstage me better then any of the rest. I hope you will consider voting for him in the upcoming election because I'm an elitist.

John F'n Kerry

Odd, that would not have been my choice for a form letter to send out, but to each his own.

Did anyone else get this?



Rob said...

I don't put my name on such mailing lists, because then they fill my emailbox with tons of crap from Two Headed Lesbian Circus Dwarves of the Boeing Machinists Union.

Cubicle said...


sorry to break the news, but the only way you can get those emails is if you look at porn.

The evil spam corparations can use you web cam to watch you as you do the dirty deed, and they can fill you email box with spam.

Also, don't ever unsubscribe to the email list. If you do that they may take you off of their list, but then they will put you on another list of active emails.