Friday, July 02, 2004

Anti America Europe

For a little while now I have been taking thing fairly personally.

For example, when I read things that are not true or don't tell the whole story, or when I read things that bash my country or my team (GOP).

For example, I was getting all huffy and puffy last night when I was reading the link below. The article is about Europe's anti-Americanism. Which for awhile has really bothered me and caused my heart rate to rise. I have just wanted to find as many Europeans and tell them what makes America great.

Then this morning I realized that Europe is a marginal player in the world and will be for some time to come.

It is not because they lack economic power, in fact they are the largest trading block in the world. It is not because their form of government is ineffective, it seems to work well enough for them. It is not because I am just dismissing them because I don't like them. No it is because they are unwilling to fight for what they want and belief in. You can threaten with sanctions, apply diplomatic pressure, but if you are not willing to fight; no one cares and no one will listen.

You can expect Europe to get more and more agitated. When they start having to cater to tourist from South Korea, China, America, and Iraq in larger numbers. You will see them almost explode with anger, but it will not matter. Their love for peace will make them impotent.


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