Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I think I am going to take a break for awhile

I think that my posting is going to be a bit slower for a while.  I have been feeling burnt out on blogging, movies, and work recently.  I also have been extremely sleepy, kind of like a mini-depression of some sorts. 
additionally we are having some major hardware changes come through at work (though I am a programmer, the hardware change is large enough that I have to go through my code and another group's code).  I have come in on the last two weekends in order to prepare for those changes, and that trend only looks like it is going to continue.
On a more interesting note I had an odd dream last night.
I was involved in a con to steal money from these drug dealers.  It apparently worked a lot like the sting the hot chick was involved in on Bad Boys II.  Which I happened to see this weekend.  Once the sting was done it looked like the deal was going to turn sour and I had to get away real fast.  I was running through this trailer part trying to hide from the bad guys that were chasing me.  I was able to slip under a porch, but that porch  had a huge amount of dead dry crispy leaves.  The leaves made a lot of noise when ever I moved, and I could not stop moving.  The noise caused the bad guys to not leave because they heard me.
I then got up and was standing behind this tree looking at the bad guys a ways off.  I decided that my only way out was to fly.  I thought real hard, and put my mind in the proper state in which to prepare to fly.  Then I started to float upward.  Now this is not Superman type flying, it is more like floating, and I have to flap my arms to go anywhere.  I did not get tired though.  I floated up through the tree limbs, and grabbed a hold of some limbs.  Then the bad guys saw me and the wind started blowing at the same time.  Which because I was holding on to the limbs I started moving with them when the wind moved the limbs.  It looked like was going to be forced on the ground, because the limbs where swinging me up and down violently.  I then let go of the limbs and I flew into the air, and the limb snapped downward and knocked a few bad guys out. 
At this point in time it was all of a sudden night and I was still flying.  I decided that I wanted to go east or was it west.  I forget which.  I did not know which direction was the correct one, so I found a road.  I decided that I was going to follow the road until I saw a road sign then I would swoop down and take a look at the sign and I would know which direction I was going.  As I was following the road and I ran into a bank of clouds and could not figure out which direction was up and which was down.  I was spinning out of control, and I was getting the stars confused with the lights on the ground.  I ended up hanging on rock protruding from the very top part of a cliff.  Below me was desert, I could see a fox or a rabbit I forget which (though their seems to be a family of foxes that live behind work, I saw two of them yesterday around dusk).  Level with my nose was the road that I had been following.  Then to my left their was a stair case from the desert floor to a door.  Two people that looked like the grounds keeper from Harry potter where walking up the stairs.  I remember trying to hide from them because I did not want them to know I knew how to fly (How else would I get to where I was at, if I did not fall from the sky.  And how did I get into the sky, if I did not know how to fly was my reasoning in the dream), and I realized the ground was close enough that I could climb down.
That is all I can remember, I seldom remember my dreams but when I do they are good ones.
I also felt like I have flown in this manner in earlier dreams of mine, but that could just be my imagination.
One another note:
Don't eat a double decker taco, a half pound burrito espeacial, and a chicken spicy burrito with hot sauce from taco bell after 9:00 pm at night, or you will have freaked out dreams.

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