Thursday, July 01, 2004

My land, your land, the environments land

Known as the 65-10 Rule (search), it calls for landowners to set aside 65 percent of their property and keep it in its natural, vegetative state. According to the rule, nothing can be built on this land, and if a tree is cut down, for example, it must be replanted. Building anything is out of the question.
But supporters and environmentalists say personal property rights do not trump the rights of a larger community to save the eco-system (search).

Building may be illegal, but what about burning.

I would open a pig farm, but because I could not build anything they would wander all over everyone's property. That would cause some smelly problems.

Also, I would rent out my land to the federal government. They would mess some stuff up. Or maybe a deer lease, and I could kill Bambi.

How about planting things, such as the famous Kudzu vine.

Or I would plant a lot of chestnut trees, and them the squirrels would come. Then I would infect one squirrel with rabies.

I could also dig under the ground, and build lots of tunnels. I don't know what I would do then. Maybe fill them with disease carrying rats.

Or maybe encourage ticks to grow to very large sizes, so that they attack people.

yea that is about all the ideas i can think of.


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