Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Sucky day

Today was a bad day. Nothing impaticular happened to make this day suck so bad, in comparison with other days. In fact today really did not distinguish itself as a bad day in the normal ways, death and destruction were no where to be found.

The morning started off promising; I did not die in my sleep. Another plus for the morning was the left over pizza that had from left from the weekend. I treated this pizza right when I warmed it up; power level 2 (our of ten) for 2 and a half minutes. I brought the pizza up to eating temperature slowly, so that I would not get too hot. I then combined the pizza with orange juice.

sometimes it is easy to pick the exact moment in time when something starts going south, the second I swallowed the orange juice was that moment. This juice was the special high-vitamin-low-acid kind. My head involuntary convulsed to the right after I had downed a few gulps; it tasted really bad. The meal weighed on me for the rest of the day. The morning was uneventful, lunch was a meager subway sandwich (which was not hungry at all when I ate, I just did it because it meant leaving work). The afternoon was boring and uneventful, except for the loss of money in the game. I did not loose everything, but my performance poor.

Home was the bright spot of the day, I ate the last two ice cream sandwiches and an now drinking coke (straight from the two liter they way god intended).


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Anonymous said...

I have two words for you:
Jasmine Vanilla