Saturday, September 25, 2004

The video

Gruesome Video of Armstrong Beheading Widely Available on Internet

I just wanted to publish this in case anyone wanted to see it. When you are more likely to see the dead bodies of American soldiers and the civilians they kill, I think it is important to know why we are fighting.

I personally have not watched it, mainly because it will only move me to an more extreme position of wanting revenge.

Eventually blame is going to shift for the beheadings, the democrats have been trying to shift the blame to bush. Some people will belief that this is his fault. Every one agrees that enemy is the one doing this. If these beheadings continue, for some people, our definition of the enemy will widen. The enemy will not just the ones doing the attacks, but the ones hiding them, supporting them, in words and deeds, and they ones who will not stand up and remove them from their own soil.


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