Friday, September 17, 2004

Kerry's problem

Kerry has lots of problems: Swift boats, the polls, john Edwards not being seen or heard, campaign shake up, rathergate, and trousergate (though I have heard nothing from that in awhile).

I really hate kicking a guy when he is down, but I have discovered a new problem. This problem is really a tough problem to pin down, and a hard one to explain. I figure Kerry will win the presidential race, once I fully explain this problem to you. I fully admit I do not want Kerry to win, alas I am a sucker for the underdog.

I present my evidence: Exhibit One, Exhibit Two, and Exhibit Three.


"He [Kerry] told the Detroit Economic Club that Bush has not taken responsibility for the economic downturn and is running an "excuse presidency.""

Left in the Reign

...John Kerry not only offers up his positive plans contrasted with Bush's failings, but now he takes a page from the GOP PR successes: he uses his opponent's words against him....

...That last bit is just what George W says about Kerry's supposed flip-flops. Next up is for Kerry to take a cue from Al Franken (as reported on Daily Kos) who said...

Daily Kos

...This part of the speech is nice as well:...

...And it's nice to see Kerry call Bush's failed presidency what it is -- a failure....

All of three of these sources reference kerry's new stump speech, which a version can be found here. The version of Kerry's new stump speech that I read has two different phases.

He starts off in attack phase against bush, no surprise there. Politics is the art of being better than the other person running against you, and the easiest way to do that is to bring them down a notch.

Then the second half of Kerry's speech Kerry is talking about his message. He compares his polices against those of bush. Which is what I suggested he do during the debates. I said, "Kerry should promote himself by contrasting his ideas for the future against Bush's ideas. "

Here are some quotes from Kerry's speech...

Our opponents see an America where power and wealth stay in the hands of a few at the top, while everyone else is left to fend for themselves. We believe in an America where we widen the circle of opportunity for every American. An America where anyone with a good idea who's willing to work hard and take a risk can start a business and build success....

....Under our plan, you will get to pick you own doctors and doctors and patients, not insurance company bureaucrats will make medical decisions. My plan is not a government plan. It's based on incentives and the marketplace.

To pay for all this, we make sure that 98 percent of all Americans get a tax cut, while rolling back only the tax cuts for those who make more than $200,000 a year. Those Americans will go back to paying the same taxes you paid when Bill Clinton was president. And the rest of America will get a tax cut....

Each one of the three sources above were referencing to the exact same speech. Kokopelli was the only one to mention the positive parts of the speech. In fact, mention was all he did. All three went on to quote the bush bashing parts of Kerry's speech. Kokopelli, of left in the Reign, said this to my comment on Exhibit One: "They [Kerry\Edward's message] have been positive; speaking about what they planned for America. However, the (right-wing dominated) media has been ignoring that message--".

No Kokopelli, the right wing is not ignoring Kerry's positive message, they have been reading left wing articles.

Kokopelli, I will not try to argue that CNN is not right wing, and I hope that you will not try to argue that you and Kos are right wing. Given those terms, two out of the three sources I quoted were lefties, and they both concentrated in the negative parts of the speech. The left hates bush so much that they cannot stop talking about it long enough to tell the world about Kerry's policies. Even your statement conflicted with the content and tone of your post.

Kerry needs to stop bashing bush at all, it will give the news organizations no choice but to publish the policy stuff he said.



Dave Justus said...

Don't know that I agree with you here Cube. Negative campaigning does work. Thats why so much of it is done.

Cubicle said...

I am not talking about negitive campaining at all.

I am talking about the left's coverage of the negitive things that kerry has said and not the postive things he has said.

Kerry can say what he wants. But every time he says somthing negitive -- it leads.

Kerry cannot get his positive message out because the left only covers his negitive comments.

In other words, the left hates bush so much that they are covering those negitive sections the most.

In other words, Kerry can't break though the wall of hated that has formed. The left is not even covering their own canidate equally.

You had to come to my blog to read the policy statments that Kerry said.

I said, "This problem is really a tough problem to pin down, and a hard one to explain."

and i don't know if i have achived my goal