Saturday, September 11, 2004

Anti recycling

Here is an article about how recycling sucks, I bet you don't read that every day.

The Reason Public Policy Foundation’s Lynn Kiesling found that municipalities adopting a pay as you throw program on average cut waste production by about 17 percent, and saved over seven dollars for every dollar they invested in the program. Forced recycling programs, on the other hand, typically cost cities money, anywhere between 25 and 200 percent of what it would cost to merely dispose of the goods the city pays to have recycled.

wow i like that idea.



Anonymous said...

Wow are you fucken retarded. Recycling saves so much money since most thing just need to be remelted not dug up and then melted.
Also, are you that cheap that you would rather have a Earth full of greenhouse gasses and overflowing landfills.
Your an ignorant asshole who probably supported the war in Iraq
From Canada

Anonymous said...

no youre a stupid obviously havent done any research on recycling. read 8 great myths of recycling by daniel k. benjamin. and just so you know, i dont support the war in iraq and bush believes in global warming...which is something else that is still a theory...
p.s. we arent running out of landfill space.

Anonymous said...

hello my name is jack meehoff. I live in southern maine. I beleive that we should recycle poo to save the trees and the ground hogs. between me and you guys.... i poop in my recycling bin just to save those inoccent trees and ducks. thanks buddies.
from maine

Anonymous said...

We have these landfills and waste as a price of our lifestyles, we spend our $200/£200 on our shopping and grumble at the fact we have to pay to get rid of it. It's not about being a hippie or a business person with books to balance, it's all about responsibility, you want plastic you live with plastic, you don't want to live with it, find a way to get rid or re-use it... Grow up world...

Cubicle said...

The "world" does not work that way. It is not a matter of emotional maturity, it is a matter of direct incentives.

If i recieved anything back for making an effort to recycle, i probably would. Right now i wanted to recycle, i would have to drive somewhere to drop off the stuff. If it was cost effiective to recycle where are all of the millionares who got in early?

Anonymous said...

the world is my cumdumpster.
i inherited it. i will throw shit where it lands. i will turn everything green to shit. i will use the world as the paper which i use to wipe my ass with.

Apryl said...

I hate the fact that people like you truly exist. Anti-recycling. Hm. How pathetic. You're a fucking laughingstock. I'd like to thank your ilke for the fact that our goddamn planet is on the brink of death. Sure, right, so much research has been done, how...important this makes you and the remainder of the Fox News cling-ons. Well, Fox doesn't really fall under the category of people who fact-check, so you're a breed of your own. Despite research and facts, it is obvious that no harm is done when you take an empty plastic bottle, send it off to a processing plant, melt it down, and make new plastic with it, and you know this, if you have a shred of common sense. Please kill yourself.

Anonymous said...

Actually, you should go check out the facts on the Fox River PCB problem if you want the truth on recycling. Recycling is a waste of money that causes more harm than good.

Anonymous said...

It is almost a shame that the internet exists. It allows for ignorance to be spread so easily by so many. How can you be against preserving the environment? Just because you are too lazy to recycle doesn't mean you should attempt to convince others to follow your sluggish ways. People like you make me sick.
- From Canada.

Anonymous said...

You don't recycle... you stuff your face with McDonalds, bitch on the internet instead of going out to enjoy the fresh air. You're probably obese, living in your parent's basement, and yelling at your mom for not getting your Big Mac order just right.
You eat, sleep, and talk absolute bollocks.
Congratulations, you make a perfect fit for the unfortunate stereotype of Americans.

Oh by the way, KFC is advertising a sandwich that uses fried chicken instead of a bun. Go have a heart attack you lazy shit.

Anonymous said...

The prototypical American is also the drone who accepts every notion without question or education, a self serving jerk who is overly confident and thinks their own opinion and point of view is the best.

Reducing and reusing is where it's at. Recycling is a money making scam.