Tuesday, September 21, 2004

How bloggers hurt the Bush campaign

In the olden days of the MSM (Main Stream Media), we could have gone forever without knowing the memos CBS had were fake. We do have the bloggers to thank for that. Though the bloggers were so efficient, at the task in which they choose, the Democratic National committee did not have time to react to the CBS story. This story would be different the bloggers did not exist in the current form, but were stuck in a news cycle three days behind CBS. This is the timeline of what would have happened if bloggers got all their news three full days later than everyone else.

Day one: CBS breaks story
Day two: Rest of world hears said news story.
Day Three: DNC comes out against bush and cites the memos.
Day Four: (Enter Bloggers Stage Left) Bloggers bash memos, everyone feels really dumb, everyone gets mad, everyone tries to work around problem, DNC looks really bad, Kerry loses because of rathergate.

Notice the only thing different about the past part of the timeline is what the DNC would have said. Things on day two happened as normal, but the bloggers were a part of the story, not watching it happen. Day three instead of having the debate raging as it was in the real world, a member of the DNC or the DNC itself (I hope that they would have been smart enough to jump on it that quick) would have used the memo's against Bush. That sound bite would have really hurt them when the truth came out.

The bloggers where so good that their net was not cast any wider than CBS because the story did not have time to get wider than CBS. If they would have waited and played their cards at the right time, it could have been cited as the main reason bush won the election. They will just be a side note now.

I can see why the left is afraid of things like the free market and the market place of ideas, you cannot control them and bend them to your will. Even though the left's will is for the "greater social good", that does not negate the fact you cannot control bloggers.

If I was the left I would be afraid too.


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