Saturday, September 25, 2004


My parents came up for a short trip this weekend. My mom gave me a call earlier this week and asked if was doing anything this weekend. I told her that I was not. She then proceeded to tell me that she had a present for me, and I explained that I was coming home next weekend. She is getting old and might have forgotten this fact. She then told me that her and dad had a gift for me that would not fit in my car. I said that her coming up sounded great, but once I found out that they were only staying one night, I realized that it was really a waste of time to clean so I just straightened up some stuff.

I had guessed that they were bringing a book case. I had only tried to buy a book case once online. It turned out that they shipping would have been over three times as much as the book case, so ended that idea. People also always complained about my lack of a book case, all my books were on the floor in the corner. Additionally, I was talking to some people once, and told them that I had been in my apartment for a couple years, and they were astounded because it looked like I had just moved in. That made me proud. It turns out I was right.

In the process of putting up my books, I was talking to my father about the up coming election. He was saying that he did not see why what Kerry did in Vietnam was such a big idea. I told him some of the history of the swift boats, and how they have hated Kerry for a long time. Secondly, it would not have been a big deal if Kerry had not brought it up himself, and I quoted the "Reporting for Duty" line from the convention.

As we were talking, I mentioned to my dad that as I understood it they handed out metals a lot in Vietnam to increase morale. My dad mentioned that he was up for a purple heart at one time. I thought this was weird because my dad was a clerk in the army, not a fighter. It turns out that the base that my dad worked at was under a motor attack. My much younger day was running around the corner, and he gashed his leg on an ammunition can that was being used to hold cigarette butts. When he was called in to review the recommendation with a higher superior than recommended him, he told them that he did not deserve it. He also mentioned that they had medal competition between officers to see who could get the most metals for the guys under them.

I thought that was very interesting and thought that I would pass that along.


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