Saturday, October 18, 2003

Real reason for Iraq

I just wanted to relate this information to the world.

Bush's insistence before and after the war that Saddam Hussein had ties to Osama bin Laden failed to convince her -- "I didn't really think that there was a link" -- but, she said, the situation was getting to a point that Iraq was becoming a magnet for anti-US militants.

"Now there's chaos, now all the terrorists are coming to kill an American."

Even if ridding Iraq of its "terrible" leader had its merits, Albright added: "I don't understand why the war happened now. I would have liked to see us concentrate on Afghanistan."

The anti-us militants that Albright refers to are the real reason we are in Iraq.

Ask yourself this question? If I were a disgruntled male youth in a middle eastern country and suddenly realized that America was the cause of all my problems, would I A) join a terrorist group and go to America to fight or B) just go buy a gun and go to Iraq. You would most likely choose B because it would be easy to do and you would see very immediate results.

The are going to attack us anyways, so we might as well take the fight to them.
The entire strategy behind the war in Iraq is to concentrate the enemy, so that they can be dealt with. I thought this was obvious, but Ms. Albright thinks it is a bad thing that they are going to kill Americans in Iraq. She apparently missed the real strategy behind the war. I bet she sucks at checkers, also.

Ms. Albright (if you read this), up for a game of checkers??

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