Friday, October 17, 2003

Pete Yorn

I had one of the best musical experiences of the 21st century last night at the Pete Yorn concert. First, it was a wonderful concert in a crappy, poorly let venue. There were maybe a few hundred people there, most dedicated fans. I think it is a bit spooky that his songs sound exactly like the do on the CD, but this lends to singing along, which I enjoy.
He knows how to "rock out really well" according to a friend that was there with me. Pete has an awesome stage presence,and puts forth lots of effort.

The second coolest event of the night was when I acquired one of his guitar picks. He had been tossing picks out to the audience all night. I was standing right in front of him, but the coveted prize had not landed close to me yet. I was standing about 4 to 5 feet left of where I had been standing most of the night when he threw out a pick. It hit the girl in front of me, and then I lost sight of it. Next, she kinda just put here hands by her face and did that excited-girl-jump thing girls do. Which I was at first stunned because she did not dive for it, then I was stunned because the rest of the crowd did not dive for it, but this repeated stunning only lasted a little while before I analyzed the problem and acted to solve it.

The problem was that the pick had fallen to the ground, which in a dark crowded area the chances of finding the pick on sticky floor littered with random garbage is small. What I needed was light. What was I to do? I have no flashlight, no special powers to see in the dark, and I can't make parts of my body glow. I do have a cell phone with a screen that has a soft green glow. I quickly pulled it out of my pocket, unlocked the keypad and start looking for the holy grail of the concert floor. I located it in about 2 seconds, it was partially underneath the girls foot in front of me, so I moved\punched her leg and picked the pick up. There was no crawling, no messy clean up afterward. It was great.

The coolest event of the night was when I met Pete yorn. My posse went to eat somewhere as we were walking back to our car, we noticed that his tour bus was still outside. We walked over, I was naturally cynical, but just as I was about to say something, he popped out of this crowd of people and started shaking hands with our group as he walked to his bus. I said "That was a great show" while shaking his hand (he is not as tall as I thought he was) and he said "Thanks", and as he was walking away I said "I hoped you enjoyed Memphis". And he may have responded to that, but I think he was talking to someone else.


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